Why Us?

No Session Fees

Most studios have a session fee on top of their minimum order. This only covers the shooting time and can't be applied toward products. At Chuchna Portraits we don't charge you to sit. We simply a minimum order associated with the length of the session, starting as low as $199 

Real Photographic Proofs

After all of the images have been retouched and enhanced you'll be able to come in and pick up a book of the proofs. Some studios only allow you you to view your proofs on a computer at their studio, but our proof books make it easy to show your proofs to your family and friends at your convenience, not ours. 

No Packages! Ever!

At Chuchna Portraits all of our products are sold a la carte allowing you the freedom to order as many prints in as many different poses as you want. Most studios have packages, which restrict you to a certain number of poses and options. 

No Hidden Fees

At Chuchna Portraits we believe that it is our job to you the best looking images possible. Which is why, we do not charge for retouching and basic changes to images such as Black and White conversions, spot color or sepia toning!




Just Indoor or Just Outdoor?
With this session the choice is yours!
This session will have you loving your 20 fully edited images to pick from!



Just Can't Decide?
Double up on indoor and outdoor! We'll shoot in and around the studio.
With this session you'll have 30 fully edited images to pick from!




It’s time to expand your horizons.
Our ultimate session is designed to allow for great time flexibility to create more unique moments.
You can pick from many different backgrounds and outdoor locations.
With this session you'll have 40 fully edited images to pick from! 


  • Each session includes edited, retouched, color corrected, including black and white  conversions and sepia images.
  • Each session will get a 5 x 7 proof  book and workbook (you bring the proof book and workbook back for your order session) for you to take home where you can get an initial selection of prints.
  • Private viewing and product presentation at which time you will receiver your proof book and workbook.
* Entire collection minimums are due before session starts. 
** Prices are subject to change at anytime. 
*** All sessions and prints are subject to sales tax.